I believe in doing the best I can in whatever I am doing, whenever I am doing anything. This was instilled in me by my first boss, the stories of both of my grandfathers, and an interim president during my undergraduate studies.

  • Do you want to work or do you want a job? ~Carol Berry~

  • Do the best you can or leave it alone. Don't half do anything! ~George Glen~

  • Whatever you do, be the best at it. ~Eugene Segres, Sr.~

  • Do the best you can with what you've got. ~Retired Chief Justice Ernest A. Finney, Jr.~


I believe that everyone can learn. When others can do better, I do all I can to push them to do so. Not only do I take on the responsibility of providing content specific information, I also require that rules be followed and that learners take personal responsibility and ownership of improving and advancing their education. I really like to know that learners actually understand all concepts presented. Incorporating one-on-one and small group activities into presentations, in addition to pre- and post- discussions, allow me to individually speak with learners to more accurately assess their understanding. My goal is to have learners reflect back on the time spent with me as a stepping stone to achieving their lifelong goals; a time of exuding confidence in themselves and their capabilities.